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We are a disability services and supports provider aimed at enabling and empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve independence, choice, and inclusion in their communities.


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Assistance with daily personal activities
and development of life skills

We understand the importance of your independence and the need for social interaction.

Our professional staff provide supported opportunities that develop life skills, ensuring you can thrive in your day-to-day life.

With a focus on promoting independence and maintaining personal dignity, this service plays a crucial role in improving the overall well-being and quality of life for NDIS participants.

Recognising that everyone’s needs are unique, this service is tailored to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of each participant, ensuring a compassionate and respectful approach to personal care.

  • Bathing and Showering: Support with bathing, showering, and maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Dressing and Grooming: Assistance with dressing, grooming, and managing personal appearance.
  • Toileting: Help with using the toilet and maintaining toileting hygiene.
  • Mobility Support: Aid with transfers and moving around the living space.
  • Medication Assistance: Reminders and support with medication management, if included in the plan.

Assistance with participation in
community, social and civic activities

“We Are Here For You Even if You Need Someone to Accompany You, While You Do the Things You Love”

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and we’re here to support you in doing just that.

Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in engaging with a wide range of community, social, and civic activities.

Whether you want to join a club, go swimming, watch a movie, dine in a plush restaurant, visit an art gallery, try a new hobby, or simply catch up with friends and family, we’ll make it happen!

Our community participation service will help you live an independent life the way you want to. If you want to broaden your horizon, gain new skills, and develop meaningful connections within your community then we are here to help.

We understand this could mean different for each participant and we respect that. We offer tailored services for each participant and ensure they feel confident in the community they live in.

  • Support to engage in skills development activities -We offer assistance to attend activities designed to enhance your talents and abilities. From arts and crafts to vocational training, these workshops will empower you to acquire new skills that boost your self-confidence and employability.
  • Support to engage in Social and Recreational Activities: These activities will create opportunities for you to foster friendships and social connections. These events, tailored to your interests, including hobbies, sports, and cultural events, contributing to a sense of belonging within the community.

in volunteer work aligned with your passions and abilities. Volunteering not only benefits the community but also provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, boosting your self-esteem.

  • Support to attend Community Integration Programs: Community integration programs focus on supporting candidates to participate in local events, gatherings, and community services. These programs aim to break down barriers and promote inclusivity, ensuring you feel welcome and valued in your community.
  • Support go for Group Outings and Excursions: Regular group outings and excursions allow you to explore your surroundings, visit places of interest, and experience new adventures. These outings create shared memories and build a sense of camaraderie.
  • Support to attend Peer Support Groups: Peer support groups provide a safe and supportive environment where NDIS candidates can share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. By connecting with others who face similar circumstances, you can find encouragement and understanding, nurturing personal growth.
  • Yes, that’s the quality of support you can expect from us…

Assistance with life stages and transitions

Navigating life stages and transitions can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our caring crew is here to provide short and long-term supports that strengthen your ability to coordinate your supports and live comfortably at home while actively participating in the community.

Assistance with household tasks

They Say: Home is Where the Heart is” and We Say: “A Clean and Organised home is a Happy Home”

We help you to keep your home in shape

We help to keep your home tidy and clean and provide all the support you need with your daily household tasks. You name it, we do it.

Areas Covered:

Our services encompass a variety of daily activities that individuals may find challenging to perform independently. Some common tasks covered by this service include:

  • Cleaning: Assistance with general cleaning activities, such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and maintaining a tidy living environment.
  • Laundry: Support with washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes, ensuring participants have clean and well-maintained clothing.
  • Meal Preparation: Help in planning and preparing meals, considering dietary preferences and nutritional requirements.
  • Grocery Shopping Errands: Assistance with grocery shopping, either by accompanying the participant to the store or purchasing items on their behalf.
Assistance with forensic disability
mental health supports

Forensic disability and mental health supports: We provide a safe and comfortable place for individuals with complex mental health issues including

Our dedicated team can help you get back on track to living your life to the fullest potential. Our services allow you to cope with mental health or disability issues while providing guidance and resources to make informed decisions about your care.

We offer services including support to attend treatment appointments, review meetings and vocational & training services

Yellaka takes a recovery-based approach to mental illness, which includes promoting the client’s participation in decisions about their life. We know that the best way to achieve this goal is through the active involvement of our clients and their families. We treat each individual as an essential part of our community and encourage them to take ownership of their health and well-being.

24/7 Home Care Service

“You Decide What Your Vision of a Good Life is, and We Will Help You Achieve It …”

Your situation is unique and we know one size doesn’t fit all. We take the time to get to know you, that’s how we provide the best quality of care, especially if you need support around the clock.

No matter how complex your care requirements are, we have qualified staff to provide a comprehensive range of services and support.

Our 24-hour care aims to enhance independence and maximise the quality of life with ongoing support at any time of the day or night. 

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Medication Management
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Health Monitoring
  • Emotional Support and Companionship

Respite or Vacation Care

“Let’s Foster and Nurture a sustainable environment for You and Your Family or Carers”

We Can Help When Your Family Needs A Break We understand how difficult it is to support another person with daily activities when you are not feeling well or have other commitments. By offering comprehensive support, we aim to ease the challenges associated with caregiving responsibilities, enabling family members and carers to focus on their well-being and maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.

We offer respite care services, giving family members and carers the opportunity to take a break from their caregiving duties while ensuring that their loved ones are well cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.